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What we do

Trinetra Xperience provides the new virtual dimensions to your vision to experience the digital world in some new ways to achieve the heights of entertainment, advertisement and education.

Who We Are? Meet Our Team!

We Evoke, we Educe, we Evolve. We love to learn and use the latest technologies.

Amit Dua Founder

Amit Is Responsible For The Accomplishment Of Studio Trinetra's Vision And Mission. He Diligently Monitors Cash Flow And Enthusiastically Builds Strong, Lasting Relations With Stakeholders. His Role Entails Handling Detailed, Complex Concepts And Problems, Balancing Multiple Tasks Simultaneously And Making Rapid Decisions To Manage Continuity, Change And Transition.

R.K. Project Head

Rohit is responsible for company strategy and product development. He tactfully blends passion, creativity and technical knowledge in his work. Having worked on high profile projects for several firms, Rohit has developed a solid understanding of what is required in driving user engagement and has extensive experience in product development from concept to launch.

Akram Azaan Technical Head

Akram Azaan oversees the technical direction of the company. Akram leads the company’s research, development and is responsible for driving innovation. A passionate developer and with a keen interest in art and design, he has a knack for blending technology with creativity.

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