Augmented Reality

AR is a form of virtual experience to recreation of a real world in digital form.

User experience a combined computer generated and real worlds' digital view with useful additional information. Now the days, Augmented Reality is most interactive an innovative way to present, whatever you want say or show about your products to viewers, which is very useful in fields of Advertising, Entertainment, Shopping, Gamming and the best part for Education and Training in interactive ways.Our advanced AR development engine enables accurate 3D scene digital representation of one's current physical environment. This allow users to intuitively interact with augmented content in their physical surrounding,using natural hand movements.


Trinetra Xperience provides the new virtual dimensions to your vision to experience the digital world in some new ways to achieve the heights of entertainment, advertisement and education.

PlayHood - Mobile/PC

We all know that "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Therefore, brand inspired game helps and customers have a better bond with your company.

Innovative Technology

Trinetra ZD is an art of creating third dimensions in normal 2D still & moving memories of your's and your's love ones. First time in India we cater the wedding segment for 3D stereo conversion.

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